Meeting room booking for Raben Group

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Meeting room booking for Raben Group

We have finished implementing the Meeting Room Booking System for the Raben Group (a group of transport companies).


The boardroom system manages 13 meeting rooms. This is the first stage of the implementation.
The plans also provide for the management of meeting rooms located in Western and Eastern European branches, and for the installation of information displays.


The first stage of the project has involved:

  • Implementation of
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Preparation of add-ons for Outlook
  • Customisation of the system, e.g. by introducing the option of booking conference bridges
  • Handling of the lobby screen and management of the information presentation
  • SLA service – technical and specialist support


The Raben Group has been present on the European market for over 85 years, offering comprehensive logistics services. The Group’s branches are located in 11 European countries: Czech Republic, Estonia, the Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary and Romania.


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